May. 4th, 2009

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The Steampunk hidden circus was bloody brilliant. I'll make a proper post later when I find the cable to download pics from my camera but basically I just got about 6 hours of quality entertainment for £5! I'm not entirely sure how the acts were related to steampunk but it was close enough. I think the suit was the right thing to wear, there were people there with jeans and t-shirts and people there with tuxes and top hats and people with highly elaborate steampunky costumes involving feathers, gears and goggles. There were a surprising number of people with bowler hats and an enjoyable number of girls in corsets. I'm glad I made a bit of an effort there. It was hard because the urge for me is always to dress nondescript (that's that social anxiety kicking in again I think).
I went on my own because I had no idea what to expect and anybody I invited would end up coming from far away for something unknown but I wish I'd brought someone along. It was an amazing night.
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Just saw Coraline and Wolverine. Two ever so slightly different movies.

Coraline is amazing. It's one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. spoilers )

I also saw Wolverine. It was pretty good as big action films go. Spoilers )
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When I told people I was going to go to a Steampunk Hidden circus the first thing everyone asked was “what does that entail” often followed by “and how will you find it?”

I had no expectations except that ....more wittering and some photos below cut )


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