Aug. 2nd, 2009

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Yesterday was Brighton Pride. I always enjoy going to Pride because of the importance of supporting gay rights, the wonderful energy that flows through the city and all the scantily clad women. Not necessarily in that order.

I was pleased to hear fromBuddleia & i_kender that they were coming down and I met them at the station. They had come down with Alex, the son of some friends of theirs since he'd never seen Pride before. I'd met him a couple of years back at i_kender's Birthday and I was impressed again at what good company he is.

We hung out for a bit and attempted to watch the parade although we were slightly hampered by the crowds of people. I'd gotten the impression beforehand that people weren't excited by Pride much this year but folks really turned out. It probably helped that the weather wasn't as bad as expected. I took a bunch of pictures of which I've put a few below.

Afterwards we hung out at the park for a bit but I took advantage of living nearby to bug out when the rain got heavier.

Later on I went down the Marina and watched Moon. It was a very interesting Sci Fi film mostly because of the low key performances. I think that I'm so used to seeing melodramatic acting and immidiate disbelief that people coming to the reasonable conclusion and being rational and likeable was a real twist. It's worth watching for the characters and even Kevin Spacey's voice acting of the AI is top knotch and at times quietly heart breaking.

Now some pictures )


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