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I seem to have mostly been using my time off to see friends and family. Pretty good use of time I reckon. Yesterday Katy came round and I made her mushroom risotto, we played around on the Wii fit and talked gossipy stuff while drinking wine. A very girly night in which suited us both.

Today I hung out with Sai and we had lunch at a pub and discussed many things such as running, running from zombies and various other matters of import involving perambulatory egress from undead related scenarios. I've foolishly agreed to go on a run with her tomorrow morning but at least it'll get me out of bed so I'm not wasting these days off with mere sleep! Was damn good to see her.

I've been successful so far in giving up diet coke. I haven't had any since sunday morning. Hopefully by time work comes around again I'll have kicked it. Haven't had as much luck replacing them with tea or coffee but I'm sure I'll get a taste for them eventually.

Another thing I've been doing is playing a game called The Path. It's possibly one of the scariest games I've ever played because it makes incredibly good use of sound and visual tricks like the colour being drained out of the picture and scribbly patterns. The basic idea is you start with 6 sisters in an apartment, you pick one and you start out on the path through the forest with the instructions 'go to grandmother's house' & 'stay on the path'
It's a basically red riding hood so you know from the outset that there is some form of wolf out there. You can just go along the path and get to Grandma's house which is a House of leaves style creepy place even in unscary mode but going directly there nets you a failure. The idea is to explore the woods and eventually encounter the wolf. It's an arty horror game I should probably mention. The problem is that the girls move so slowly. It's effective in increasing the fear since you can't easily escape the woods but it gets more and more annoying as things progress. If you see something you want to investigate in the distance it can take five minutes of just holding down the forward button to get there. I can see what they were going for but I think they overdid that and should have made them move faster. I'll probably talk more about it when I've explored it more.
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