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I had today off work for no good reason so I decided I had to do something with it. Previous plans had fallen apart due to lack of money so I decided to do something closer to home and since I was really fancying a walk in some woods I decided to have another explore of the supposedly haunted wood of Clapham.

I got a train to Goring and walked the five miles or so up to the wood with little incident. Most of the time I was on the side of busy country roads without pavements but I hardly caused any crashes.

I found the old church there, it's an ominous looking place with a heavy oak door and arrow slits with stained glass in them.

I wandered about fairly randomly criss crossing the place. There is one clearing with a large tree in the middle that is obviously a meeting place, probably for local teens. There are remains of fires dotted about. I imagine it must get pretty spooky there at night.

One interesting thing I found was some old rusted farm machinery that had several trees growing up through it. It seemed like a nicely post apocalyptic image.

On the way back through the village I passed a field with some horses and one was particularly friendly. She seemed quite dissapointed when I left...possibly because I hadn't given her anything to eat.

It was a fun day out. I must have walked about 17 or 18 miles in total by the end of it so I'm knackered but it's just fun to wander around woods. If you approach it in the right way it can make your imagination sing.


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