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When I told people I was going to go to a Steampunk Hidden circus the first thing everyone asked was “what does that entail” often followed by “and how will you find it?”

I had no expectations except that ....more wittering and some photos below cut )
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Just saw Coraline and Wolverine. Two ever so slightly different movies.

Coraline is amazing. It's one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. spoilers )

I also saw Wolverine. It was pretty good as big action films go. Spoilers )
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The Steampunk hidden circus was bloody brilliant. I'll make a proper post later when I find the cable to download pics from my camera but basically I just got about 6 hours of quality entertainment for £5! I'm not entirely sure how the acts were related to steampunk but it was close enough. I think the suit was the right thing to wear, there were people there with jeans and t-shirts and people there with tuxes and top hats and people with highly elaborate steampunky costumes involving feathers, gears and goggles. There were a surprising number of people with bowler hats and an enjoyable number of girls in corsets. I'm glad I made a bit of an effort there. It was hard because the urge for me is always to dress nondescript (that's that social anxiety kicking in again I think).
I went on my own because I had no idea what to expect and anybody I invited would end up coming from far away for something unknown but I wish I'd brought someone along. It was an amazing night.
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I ended up not going to London yesterday after all. I felt a bit sick and the idea of a party wasn't appealing. There may have been some social anxiety creeping in there. Hopefully I'll be able to make it up to Tracie.
Today however I'm off to the Steampunk Hidden Circus. I just hope I can dress appropriately.

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Well I've got a Dreamwidth account now. It's interesting creating a new account just to see how my interests compare.

Now I'm off for another interesting weekend up in london at a BBQ for a friend's birthday. Tomorrow I'm going to seomthing called the Hidden Steampunk circus. I'm not sure what it'll be like but with a name like that how could I resist?


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