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Yesterday was Brighton Pride. I always enjoy going to Pride because of the importance of supporting gay rights, the wonderful energy that flows through the city and all the scantily clad women. Not necessarily in that order.

I was pleased to hear fromBuddleia & i_kender that they were coming down and I met them at the station. They had come down with Alex, the son of some friends of theirs since he'd never seen Pride before. I'd met him a couple of years back at i_kender's Birthday and I was impressed again at what good company he is.

We hung out for a bit and attempted to watch the parade although we were slightly hampered by the crowds of people. I'd gotten the impression beforehand that people weren't excited by Pride much this year but folks really turned out. It probably helped that the weather wasn't as bad as expected. I took a bunch of pictures of which I've put a few below.

Afterwards we hung out at the park for a bit but I took advantage of living nearby to bug out when the rain got heavier.

Later on I went down the Marina and watched Moon. It was a very interesting Sci Fi film mostly because of the low key performances. I think that I'm so used to seeing melodramatic acting and immidiate disbelief that people coming to the reasonable conclusion and being rational and likeable was a real twist. It's worth watching for the characters and even Kevin Spacey's voice acting of the AI is top knotch and at times quietly heart breaking.

Now some pictures )
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I'm just back from the gym. I managed to run for a full 5k non stop bar about 150 metres just after the 3k mark so I could drink some water. It took about 37 minutes which considering I put myself down in the 40-50 minute slot for the run in september is a pretty good showing.
The question now is whether I'll be able to walk tomorrow?


Jul. 14th, 2009 02:10 am
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I took quite a lot of pictures of the wild poines of the New Forest this weekend so I decided a seperate entry was called for.

They are a strange breed, they are skittish if you approach but think nothing of wandering through the campsite going through people's tents, stealing food and mugging people at knife point for their wallets. They are however undeniably cute.

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Normally when I go for a run I walk a lot as well so I've decided that for the september run I want to run the whole thing. Today was my first run for ages and I decided to run at a slower speed and run til I couldn't run anymore. Turned out I managed to run the entire time I'd set, 25 minutes. Good start I'd say.
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Today was the funeral for my grandmother. It was a quiet affair with only a few of us there. Always strange to see distant relations who you barely remember. Been quite a busy and full few days without much sleep. Tomorrow I'll post about the New Forest.
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Today was a good day. Work was quiet so I just spent most of the day e-mailing Sai and Jenny. Afterwards I went down to the beach and swam for a bit. Very relaxing. I got home and found not only my ticket for Amanda Palmer but a new Running from Zombies sticker from Sai.

Red Cliff

Jun. 21st, 2009 11:11 am
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Yesterday I saw Red Cliff which is a Chinese historial epic by John Woo. I had no idea about it going in and I was very impressed. I don't know how historically accurate it is although I'm a bit dubious especially about how nice some of the characters are and how Woo has attributed planning to things that were probably just luck in the original battles. But the storytelling in the film is superb, the balance between military tactics, grand battles, individual fights and character developement is perfect.
It made me think of world war 2 epics in particular where one side is a very clear aggressor and there is a definite split between the good guys and bad guys. There is even a Normandy landing style scene.
I found myself really drawn in and excited by it. If you have the stamina for a three hour film I highly reccomend it.
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I had today off work for no good reason so I decided I had to do something with it. Previous plans had fallen apart due to lack of money so I decided to do something closer to home and since I was really fancying a walk in some woods I decided to have another explore of the supposedly haunted wood of Clapham.Read more )
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If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.
♥ ♥ ♥
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Not much has been going on lately. It's been raining and I've had that kind of annoying low grade illness that doesn't really stop you doing anything but just sucks energy and enthusiasm and occasionally creates mucus. God I'm sexy right now. One of the only interesting things that has happened was when I was trying out running on the Wii fit and got distracted causing me to forget I was supposed to be running on the spot and almost slam my head into my tv.

But one awesome thing was a package from [ profile] piperrhiannon containing among other goodies a giant plush brain cell to be a pet for my Cthulhu puppet. Here is a picture of them playing together with the B movie victim who didn't practice running! )
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I think I want to go for a long walk today. The question is shall I wander off down the coast or shall I head over to the haunted woods? Probably down the coast since that doesn't involve a train ride.

Yesterday was annoying in that I was ill enough I spent most of the day lying in bed but fun in that I watched the entire Back to the future trilogy. Damn those are some good movies!
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In a break from her normal Running from zombies blog Sai has written a rather good and witty guest post at Zombie Command that is well worth a read.

I've been feeling out of sorts for the last few days and today I've got full blown something or other. I feel fairly crappy so I figure I'll spend the day lounging like a slacker and hope the zombie apocalypse happens another time.

ETA: And I just received a running from zombies pen and sticker in the mail from Sai! Brilliant stuff!
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Life is fairly quiet right now. I saw Terminator yesterday. It's an annoying film in that it has potential to be good but it is loaded down with cliches and stupid. As it is it comes off as a film which couldn't be bothered.

Damien Walter's 2009 parkour / free running showreel. I can do this, I just choose not to.

If Twilight was 10 times shorter and 100 times more honest. I realise that mocking Twilight is faily redundent but it did make me laugh.
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Today was nice. The work I'm doing right now is incredibly mindless which isn't as bad as what I normally do which is boring but requires concentration. This week my mind is free to wander.
After work I headed down to the nudist beach again. There is something incredibly relaxing about sitting naked on a pebble beach with the sun in the sky, the wind on your skin and waves lapping at your feet. It definitely puts spending the rest of the day in the office in perspective.
Afterwards I went to see Drag me to hell. It's a great film, old school Raimi although less comedic than most of his horror films. Still has it's funny moments though, as a horror it's mostly of the sudden shock variety but the best of that kind of film I've seen in donkey's years.
Tomorrow I'll be seeing Terminator with Paul. I've heard it's not that good so I'm lowering my expectations to hoping for exciting explosions and fun fights with robots.
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I went for a run with Sai this morning. I like running with her because I tend to run better possibly because she's an enthusiastic runner with a good understanding of how to motivate people or possible because she only gives me the antidote at the finish line. Or both I suppose.
I didn't run as far as her since she's doing 10ks which are a bit beyond me but I did 6k which is pretty good.
I got a couple of good pictures too.

See Sai Run. Run Sai Run. )
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I seem to have mostly been using my time off to see friends and family. Pretty good use of time I reckon. Yesterday Katy came round and I made her mushroom risotto, we played around on the Wii fit and talked gossipy stuff while drinking wine. A very girly night in which suited us both.

Today I hung out with Sai and we had lunch at a pub and discussed many things such as running, running from zombies and various other matters of import involving perambulatory egress from undead related scenarios. I've foolishly agreed to go on a run with her tomorrow morning but at least it'll get me out of bed so I'm not wasting these days off with mere sleep! Was damn good to see her.

I've been successful so far in giving up diet coke. I haven't had any since sunday morning. Hopefully by time work comes around again I'll have kicked it. Haven't had as much luck replacing them with tea or coffee but I'm sure I'll get a taste for them eventually.

Another thing I've been doing is playing a game called The Path. It's possibly one of the scariest games I've ever played because it makes incredibly good use of sound and visual tricks like the colour being drained out of the picture and scribbly patterns. The basic idea is you start with 6 sisters in an apartment, you pick one and you start out on the path through the forest with the instructions 'go to grandmother's house' & 'stay on the path'
It's a basically red riding hood so you know from the outset that there is some form of wolf out there. You can just go along the path and get to Grandma's house which is a House of leaves style creepy place even in unscary mode but going directly there nets you a failure. The idea is to explore the woods and eventually encounter the wolf. It's an arty horror game I should probably mention. The problem is that the girls move so slowly. It's effective in increasing the fear since you can't easily escape the woods but it gets more and more annoying as things progress. If you see something you want to investigate in the distance it can take five minutes of just holding down the forward button to get there. I can see what they were going for but I think they overdid that and should have made them move faster. I'll probably talk more about it when I've explored it more.
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Happy Birthday [personal profile] i_kender. Have fun at the zoo and try not to antagonise the lions or let the Flamingos talk you into a poker game.

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I had a strange dream last night. I was on some kind of relaxed trip with Bob, Tracie and Javier Bardem and we got embroiled in a Terminator style war with robots except instead of the robots being Terminators they were more like Wall-E so it was really easy to beat them.

Finally got paid today so I got a haircut, I'm damn sexy now. Actually three other people on my table at work also got haircuts today. We were suddenly a more stylish team. More importantly I've also bought beer.

Tomorrow Bob and Tracie are over for Shakespeare in the park, Burlesque in a disused lift and general fun and frolics. If they turn out to bring Bardem with him I'm going to get quite nervous.
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This is a really interesting article by Douglas Rushkoff about our current capitalist system and why we make the decisions we do even when we want to do something else. It's the kind of thing that gives you a lot to think about whether you agree with him or not.

On a completely different note this evening I saw From Russia with love at the cinema. I particularly wanted to see one of the earlier Bond films after being horrified by Moonraker. This film was so so much better. Despite the pervasive mysogeny in Bond films this one was mostly lacking. The women in it were all as in control of their lives as the men as opposed to Moonraker where they were ciphers who existed to sex up Bond and die terrified. One interesting thing was the villain, Robert Shaw's Grant doesn't say a word until almost the end and his silent stalking of Bond really builds him up. The gimmicky villains are better remembered but I think he might be one of the best.
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